Your Desert Escape

Hello IGLA, it's Palm Springs

More, again, now, and Palm Springs are six of our favorite words. Now, some may say, more and again are redundant. We say they are excessive and who doesn’t want excess when It’s exceedingly beautiful, warm, and inviting? PS, it’s all of that and more!


We know what you're thinking. I shouldn't be here. I should be in Palm Springs having a wonderful time. Destination codes get you there for less right here.


You need your rest whether it's on two queens, a king, the twins, or something else, which frankly is none of our business. We do have options to get you horizontal right here.

Social Events

We got to have friends, nothing better than friends, and you certainly can circle back with friends or around to new friends in the desert as we celebrate our community and the sports we love. So, yes to events with friends here.

Things To Do

The desert is more than sun, sand and water. We can help you connect after you shower in sunscreen in ways you might never have thought of, doing things you might not have tried, right here.