West Hollywood Aquatics and the Long Beach Grunions have joined forces to host IGLA 2022 in Greater Palm Springs, California, home of the LGBTQ+ community in the desert. Mark your calendars for Swimming, Water Polo, Exhibition Artistic Swimming, and, of course, the Pink Flamingo, to keep it simple, unless you want more, and we will be offering more before, during, and after we drip dry under the sun. After all, the average temperature is 87°F in April, though no promises. It could be hotter as you meet and greet and compete.  We hope to see you there.


Swimming will take place at the Palm Spring Swim Center located in the heart of Palm Springs. The configuration will be yards with ten lanes of competition plus another ten lanes for warm-up and lots of deck space. A competition schedule and meet information can be found here.

Water Polo

Water Polo will be played at both the Desert Hot Springs Recreation Pool located in Desert Hot Springs (a short drive from Palm Springs) and the Palm Spring Swim Center. Both pools will be setup for 25 yard courses. Competition and game information can be found here.

Artistic Swimming

An Artistic Swimming exhibition will take place on Sunday, April 10, at the Palm Spring Swim Center. More information on this event can be found here.

Pink Flamingo

The Pink Flamingo competition will take place on Sunday, April 10, at the Palm Spring Swim Center before we close the meet with the team awards. The theme for the 2022 extravaganza is We Will Survive in a Mad, Mad, Mad World.  So give us more, give us less, just give us a whole lot of pride.  This is where you can drag after you click here.

IGLA 2022 Store

Whether you want to winch it up or let it flow in small, medium, large, or extra-large, in either color on white or color on black, you can’t go wrong with the exposed shoulder or biceps wrapped in cotton, or both, because who doesn’t need options? T-shirt, tank-top, t-shirt, tank-top, you decide. Don’t even think about wearing last years colors on your head. Save that courage for the pool and stretch this latex over for a better look. One size fits all.

Your Desert Escape

Get a little help from your friends on hotels, happenings, food and flights here. Sometimes more can be less by clicking here.


Whether you just want the best seat at the pool behind the blocks with a stopwatch in your hand or you want to reach deeper and help us serve up a great time to all those flying, driving, or trucking to the desert for IGLA 2022, we can figure out how you can help welcome the swimmers, polo players, and exhibitionists out in the sun or under the stars. Join us here.


Thank you to those who make it happen and those that label our sleeves, logo butts, trademark our foreheads, copyright our towels, sign our lanes, trick out our swag, serve up our eats, beam up our drinks, name our signs, give us fly, chill us out, and hunter up a great time as we cruise on down the road. Yes, we understand and remember that life happens between the euphoria of victory and the crushing agony of defeat, and you must know that even when we say that was dreadful as we crawl out of the water, we will be back for more, because who doesn’t need more. PS we love you!

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