The Pink Flamingo


  • Where: Palm Springs Center
  • When: Sunday, April 10, 2022
  • Time: Immediately following The IGLA Water Polo Championship Game and the Artistic Swimming Exhibition
  • Tentative Performance Layout: View/Download

Feel Really Free to Enter because there are no additional fees for IGLA teams and registered participants in IGLA 2022 to enter. Entry forms are available online here, though there are some hard and fast rules and regulations:

The Hard Ones:

  • All members of each Pink Flamingo team must be registered participants in IGLA 2022.
  • No one who is not registered is allowed to participate.
  • No costumes or props that shed, molt, dissolve, or disintegrate, which means no glitter, glass, sequins, feathers, beads, or the like that can be sucked into the filter system, cloud the water, or break on deck, are allowed.
  • Pool rules and regulations must be followed (see too low and too too low below).

The Fast Ones:

  • Length of Presentation: Teams will have 2 minutes to set up and 2 minutes to strike. Team performances may be up to four minutes max, then we pull the plug and start penciling off the points.
  • All music must be submitted in an MP3 Format to: IGLA 2022 Pink Flamingo.
  • Entries are due no later than Monday, March 21, 2022.

Applause and Judging: There will be lots of cheering, some screaming, and some munificent judging by a group of judges selected by our gifted and talented Pink Flamingo committee based upon fame, taste, talent, and commitment, or at random, if it comes to that. This process will not be transparent, so don't ask, though lobby at will if you feel compelled.

Each team will be awarded points for:

1. Interpretation of The Theme: 25 points max
2. Originality: 25 points max
3. Creative Expression: 25 points max
4. Staying Within The Time Limit: 25 points max
  100 points total possible

Awards: We promise you the adulation of the crowd if you don't go down in flames, which is possible, though even a rough go usually gets a grand, loud, and loving reception, but beyond that we won't say at the moment and may not say more about the awards until the end of the PF!

Rehearsals: There is a rehearsal area adjacent to the pool that will be available for dry land rehearsals during the meet. Sign up with our lovely and talented Pink Flamingo Coordinator, Tom Wilson, in advance or at the pool beginning Wednesday, April 6, 2022.

Dressing Rooms: We will have places for teams to winch it up on the day of the performance in the pavilion next to the pool, or the privacy of the locker rooms.

Specific Requests: Teams should direct any special requests, such as performance order preference, also to Tom Wilson, who may or may not grant them for any number of reasons, though he will be more than happy to answer any and all reasonable questions not intended to make his life difficult.

too low: Please remember that this is first and foremost an athletic event at a public facility, so you can serve it up and show it off, hut just no nudity at or around the pool. If you have any question about the appropriateness of any costumes or anything else, contact Tom Wilson.

too too low: Please remember to act responsibly and do not do anything that puts anyone's health and/or safety at risk.


Questions? Contact us.