Volunteers Making a Difference

Thirty-five years of making aquatic history and now Greater Palm Springs, April 6-10, 2022, IGLA 2022 is coming to the desert and we have a place for you to help all of us make more history, strengthen our community, and reboot our social skills all at the same time.

Yes, VOLUNTEER OR BECOME A SPONSOR to welcome friends and strangers to the Greater Palm Springs. All you have to do is step up and play to your strengths. Show your hidden talent and your heart. That is how we win collectively.

Volunteer to help us to coordinate, to plan, to reach out, to encourage, to publicize, and to sell (literally) the t-shirts off the fences (or off our backs). What are your strengths? What motivates you? How can you be part of IGLA 2022? How about helping out on:

  • Social Events – It’s the eat, drink, and be merry (or Mary or marry) after the water. Get up close - get personal - because the luckiest people are actually the people who help people.
  • Sponsorships – Running a successful IGLA takes money. PS 2022 can work to promote products, pride, and potential, so please join us to help match up our events with those who are open to contributing.
  • Media – Who doesn’t want to be an IGLA 2022 Agent or Writer? They are the lucky ones who get invited to the best parties and everyone wants to get to know them. These are the people who can see the next big thing and that takes talent.
  • Food – These are the people who have taste and like to say, "coffee, tea, or..." or "it’s so tasty too" with a smile. Yes, who doesn’t like to serve it up - hot or cold?
  • Wranglers – How good are you at making perfect strangers believe they want to do what you need them to do? This is where you get to show them how and what and where, like walk this way.
  • Merchandising – Gucci has nothing on IGLA 2022 style and and as one famous designer once said - packaging is everything. Think pink, orange, and light teal in a cerulean blue way
  • Information – What happens when someone needs basic help? Who will be there? Who will explain how to ask for information in Croatian? This is your opportunity to be a coat of many colors!
  • Greeters – The welcoming committee(s) need the charming and gracious. Aren’t you charming and gracious or, at least, charming? Who could say no to that my Prince or Princess?

There are jobs large and small, some simple and some that will take skills. This is a production and you will be part of the cast or the ensemble - it’s up to you to tell your strengths and availability. Are you better at meeting and greeting large numbers of people or working with a close knit group of the dedicated?

We will listen and we will help you figure out how you can make IGLA 2022 a better IGLA. Work the meet - Work the people- work it out - but you need to work. You just can’t work anyone’s last nerve, unless they are out of line and then, you can take them down to where they belong. Join the few, the brave, the dedicated - the fearless - the Volunteers of IGLA 2022.

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